Blackhead Tweezers Acne Remover
Blackhead Tweezers Acne Remover
Blackhead Tweezers Acne Remover

Blackhead Tweezers Acne Remover

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Getting rid of your pesky blackheads can be tricky and could lead to serious infection if not done correctly! 
This tool will definitely do the job! Proven safe and effective! 
Made from 100% dermatologist graded surgical steel to allow safe sterilization, prevent corrosion and minimize risk of infections.

Watch Video Below How the Blackheads were Removed!


  • Material: Dermatologist Graded Surgical Stainless steel.
  • Size: Approx 11.4*1*0.12cm
Blackhead Tweezers Acne Remover
Blackhead Tweezers Acne Remover

Customer Reviews

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Emory Hills
Delivery time as promised

Delivery before half month. Very good price. satisfied overall!

Eleanore Runolfsdottir
This is a fantastic set. After some research I decided to get ...

This is a fantastic set. After some research I decided to get these for my teenage son. The tools are wonderful and easy to use. I googled some videos to see how the one tool should be properly used ( no directions were included)
It’s much more effective and less harsh then him squeezing his pimples.
The tweezers are great too. They are fantastic for easy hair removal or splinter removal
I love that they came in a handy clear case! Perfect for storage and keeping them together
Both pieces are heavy duty and well made

Maida Murphy
Highly reccommend! Easy to use!

I have and have used about every form of tweezer that is on the market but these WORK. Easily gets blackheads and white heads out without digging into your skin and causing a slew of other problems / marks in the process! And they work wonders at removing splinters too! What would normally be an all night event removing splinters from my husbands hands took just minutes because they grasped the splinter the first time every time! No digging required! I will be purchasing another set for him to keep at work for Christmas and will probably grab a few for stocking stuffers!

Chester Raynor
The tweezers I've been looking for all of my life.

I have had many other tweezers and black head removers over the years.

These are unique in that whatever you're tweezing is NOT going to slip away from these. You will get it on the first try. I have never owned any that have done the job so well.

The blackhead remover is unique in that it has the pointed end. I haven't found a good use for it, yet, but I know that I will.

The product is made of a steady metal that did not bend (I tested it).

Overall, a well made and well priced product

Zion Murray
Great Tools!

These are excellent Tools! My youngest son recently had a pus filled pimple inside his outer ear. These tools would have really helped to ease his discomfort.

I used the tweezers to pull out a hair on my chinny chin chin. I was sceptical because of the shape, but they worked great. Definitely a must have around the house, when camping, etc. I will be carrying the kit in my purse.

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