Pro Lenses Case for Iphone X / 8 Plus / 7 Plus

Pro Lenses Case for Iphone X / 8 Plus / 7 Plus

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Add 6 Stunning Features On Your iPhone Lens! Be the First To Own This Case!

A slicker, sleeker solution for users who are constantly on the go. Pro Lenses Case is a comprehensive set of 6 camera-enhancing lenses in 1 convenient and portable iPhone case. The shifting mechanism allows users to get the most out of their camera feature and add new perspectives to your iPhone photography. 

Iphone Case Lens 

A Slicker, Sleeker Solution For Users Who Are Constantly On The Go!

You can quickly switch between telephoto, wide-angle, fisheye and macro using the built-in slide and snap mechanism. This gives you the option to capture stunning landscapes and beautiful close-ups.

Unlike clip-on lenses, Pro Lenses Case is always there when you need a shot, and it doesn’t fill your pockets with tiny glass. It also aligns perfectly with your iPhone’s camera every time.


Lenses Features Multilayer Coating

Easy to Install and Switch Lens. One finger switching lens, Fast and Easy!

Pro Lenses Case comprises of a detachable and easy switching lens attachment, that you can install and switch lens at least 10 times faster than any other clip lens attachments in market.


Detailed and Caring Design

This durable case keeps your iPhone safe on photography trips and everyday adventures. Pro Lenses Case is much more than just a lens attachment or an iPhone case. It's created with detail-minded and caring designs, such as holding grip and strap, that you can take pictures easily and without a hassle. 



180˚ Fisheye / Telephoto

The Fisheye and Telephoto lens allows you to greatly extend your optical zoom range to capture a variety of shots.

Fisheye Fisheye



*Actual photos taken with the lens.

10X Macro / 20X Super Macro

Use the Macro Lens to get extreme close-up detail. It is fully compatible with the dual camera system on the your phone. *With a focusing distance of 18mm, get incredibly close to your subject until it comes into focus.

Fisheye 10X Macro / 20X Super Macro

10X Macro

20X Macro

*Actual photos taken with the lens.

120˚ Wide Angle / 2X Telephoto

Capture more and extend the range of your iPhone’s camera with the Wide Angle and Telephoto lens. Choose the lens that suits your needs.


Wide Angle

2X Telephoto

*Actual photos taken with the lens.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Darwin Corkery
she loved it! She loves to take photos and this ...

I bought this case as a gift to my friend's new iPhone7 Plus, she loved it! She loves to take photos and this lens comes very handy, especially the macro lens, very detailed and high quality. Will buy again for myself when I upgrade my phone :-)

Marcelle Haag
Fun gadget! Also useful for sales people like realtors.

This is a REALLY cool gadget that works perfectly with the Iphone X. It gives me some very fun options to add onto your mobile phone camera (which already has some decent options included). It ALMOST eliminates the need for using an SLR (Ok REAL photographers out there, don't freak out on me. I said "almost" - LOL). This is a fun product that is worth the price for anyone looking to do a few extra cool things withthe mobile phone camera.

By the way, this item would be PERFECT for a realtor who needs to take photos of properties to post on a website. The Wide angle option will give them the ability to photograph full rooms in a manner that allows an interested buyer to see the view in an attractive manner. So not only is this a fun product, it can also help increase sales for some people.

Cristina Schowalter
Good & Satisfied!

Good packaging. Works like it should. Fisheye is surprisingly good and so is Macro.

Montana Smitham
The macro lenses are by far my favorite

The lenses work rather well, but are not to be confused with professional lenses. The macro lenses are by far my favorite.
This is a great accessory for any hobby photographer.

Emile Watsica
Great product!!!!!

Great product, it’s got a great build and is easily able to remove with ease if I wanted to. It has a all in one lenses. It also has great protection for my phone. Thanks!!!!

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